PLAIN Design-Build is an architectural collective that creates buildings from renewable resources of wood.

PLAIN promotes all types of timber construction, ranging from advanced forms of engineered lumber to small-scale forestry and local fabrication. Renewable resources include undesirable trees discarded by insect borer infestations or the by-product of forest fire fuel mitigation. Our projects support material flows that sequester carbon and reduce the embodied energy of construction. Our buildings establish circular economies by learning from vernacular forms of architecture and regional forestry ecosystems. We empower students through a co-creative educational model of experienced-based learning and hands-on construction.

PLAIN Design-Build presents XX-LAM – The architecture of curved, cross-laminated timber in a Nine Square Grid.




COA Associate Professor Jason Griffiths has received a Nebraska Environmental Trust grant to build  The Eastern Redcedar Design-Build Microdwelling cabin (The Mizer’s Ruin)



The Santee Sioux Family Resource Center is an example of how the College of Architecture can bring a meaningful change for Nebraskans who live in challenging situations. Our project will begin construction in January of 2019.
Emerge combines a ongoing discourse on contemporary forestry practices with advanced cross-laminated timber construction.
ASHED, a showcase for South Sioux City’s Ash reclamation program and the first cross-laminated timber building in Nebraska was built in response to the growing concern of Ash tree depletion by the Emerald Ash Borer.
Cladding and louvers of the cabin refer to techniques of cross-ventilation.