PLAIN is a design-build collective based in the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. It provides opportunities for students who want to experience architecture from inception to completion and who are interested in “learning by doing”.

PLAIN is influenced by the “everyday architecture” of buildings within the Great Plains Region.

PLAIN alternates graduate design research studios with FACT on a yearly basis to provide clients and students the greatest access to projects in all stages of construction. On occasions both organizations collaborate as PLAIN-FACT.

PLAIN constructs buildings for non-profit organizations in the Midwest and offers students the experience of building with cross-laminated timber (CLT). It supports the role of making in architecture and promotes the social significance of work within regional communities.

PLAIN is coordinated by associate professor Jason Griffiths (Jason Griffiths Architecture) and supported by the USDA U.S. Forest Service Wood Innovations and the Cecil D. Steward Professorship.